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Formula1 Petronas Malaysia Race Results
Driver - Kimi Raikkonen
Team - Ferarri
22 cars at start, 17 finish.
Raikkonen is back on track since his disappointing race in Australia last week.
With only 3 points behind Hamiliton. **
Hamiliton's first pit stop was timed 19.9 *speechless*
Massa gave me another shock during lap 31 when he spun off and got beached in the gravel. Unexpected early retirement for the Ferarri team. Raikkonen's performance was smooth today as compared to last week's Australian GP.
Eyes were glued on Raikkonen and Kubica after Massa exit. Teams also worth noticing this season, BMW Sauber & RedBull.

Weekend SnapShot

On the way to the kids paternal grandparents house, we brought the kids to view wild monkeys at
- Lower Peirce Reservoir.
Nice stretch of road leading to the water catchment reserve with lots of monkeys on the road, as if they were on display. We stayed in the car. The kids took turns popping their head out from the sun roof spotting some monkeys on the tree branches playing. The monkeys came forward expecting food handouts, but there were signs all along the side of the road.
Well, the monkeys can feed themselves with all the wild fruits and berries in the forest they're residing in. Plus! I'm not taking the risk of burning a hole in my pocket with $500 to break the law. Many times while I wind down the window trying to catch a few snap shots, I freaked out in fear of those monkeys jumping in!

Kind and friendly eastcoastlife informed me there was a 24hr exhibit at the Asian Civilization Museum, Singapore yesterday evening. It's the Nalanda Trail on Buddhism.
We headed there after dinner. The place packed! Cameras were not allowed in there, so no pictures of the exhibits were taken. Was planning on joining the guided tour but gave up when we saw the crowd and the less than audible voice of the guide lady. We ventured around the museum on our own taking our own sweet time.
We felt a sign of relief when we saw the long Q-up at the entrance of the Nalanda Trail. Thank goodness, we had already deposited our bags on the first floor. If not, it's Q-up time for eternity.
Beside viewing the exhibits of the Nalanda Trail we also viewed lots of exhibits of South East Asia back in historic times. The kids were blown away at how life was back in the olden days. Great outing to the museum. Thanks once again eastcoastlife Muaks!!!

There's a noticeable number of times, viewer(s) using my Mr.Linky without commenting.
cool in my opinion...

My APAD #11 | other WSS entry & WW(Sun) Another picture I've taken of Cookie. It's forever in that position and one of the easiest dog to photograph. Cookie has got an artificial eye. Can you spot which eye?

Napaboaniya APAD

30 Divulge:

Yen said...

Ok, $500 Sing $ for feeding the monkey? haha Looks like a fab weekend! Happy Easter;)

WillThink4Wine said...

I wonder if they fine the Monkees?LOL.

Bengbeng said...

i think using the linky n not commenting is the culture in weekend snapshots. if u see our base blog for weekend snapshots, the number of people are much more than the comments. so if for example if i leave a comment it would be merely an academic exercise. i doubt people would read. they just want to visit yr blog first hand. after some time, it seems to be the culture.

stev & emz said...

i love to watch the monkeys too and feed them. lol. I guess i cant do that there!

Steve & EMZ .

Napaboaniya said...

I'm not being harsh, but there's 2 particular person I'm aiming that at. LOL! don't worry you're not one of them :P

Gledwood said...

the monkey looks like my next door neighbour. only far more intellectual...

Anonymous said...

That would be awesome to see wild monkeys. I agree with gledwood's comment. Our neighbors do keep us busy. Never a dull moment around here.

thesserie said...

What a wonderful weekend you had!!

my brother used to have a monkey just like that! but my brother's monkey would cover his *** when being photographed =)

Napaboaniya said...

I've got good news on my side :P those neighbors from hell I was mentioning earlier? They rented out their whole unit to a Russian family that's hardly home. Peace and quietness :)
Happy Easter Marla & M!

Gledwood said...

re the tiny baby hammy at mine yes it's a roborovski... how did you know? you ever kept them?

robbies rule!

Lynn said...

Haha, we have the same monkey zone (I just made up the term) here in the Philippines (Subic) where monkeys are free to roam. Like you I am quite afraid they'd just jump on me when I roll down the car's window. But I still took snapshots of them which I shared a few posts ago. And yes, motorists can't give them food too.

Napaboaniya said...

SG$500 Fine to feed them. They reproduce real fast which is also one of the reasons the govt implemented the Fine.
Another reason is being afraid that once the monkeys are too independent on human passing handouts, they might stop searching food for themselves in the forest/woods.

ROFL!!! That must be really hilarious!!

I've seen them at a pet exhibition. They're cool :)

eastcoastlife said...

Woot! Glad you enjoy the visit to ACM. I was there for the midnight guided tour. It was a huge group. I was glad to see the great turn out. It's nice to see people enjoying themselves at museum.

Kudos to the staff for the hard work sourcing and putting up such awesome exhibits and organising such interesting activity every now and then.

I had a frightening experience with wild monkeys once. Don't feed them!

Napaboaniya said...

I give you 3 reasons, I won't feed those monkeys :P
1- Break law
2- $500 leh!I better 戴戴平安:P
3- I kia-si LOL!!

HiPnCooLMoMMa said...

thanks for the reminder, although not directly...i need to bring the kids to museums more often. we did it once and have never done it again =(

SandyCarlson said...

That's an expensive meal, to be sure!

Pretty Life Online said...

LOL! cool catch!!! hope you'll visit mine too..

Jeanne said...

what? $500 fine to feed the monkey ???

strawberrygUrl said...

whenever i see the word 'fine', i'm reminded of singapore. :) as they say, "it is a fine city". he he.

happy easter monday!

the teach said...

Ling, I think I'd be afraid of those monkeys too! Monkeys can be real mean ya know!

vera said...

lovely shot!
happy easter!

mine is up too!
see yah!

tigerfish said...

Fun filled with exciting activities huh :)

You can't feed the monkeys with bananas but you can feed them other food?:P

Ladynred said...

$500 dollars is a lot of money so I'm sure everyone are careful. I know that Singapore gov't is very firm and good at implementing about fines. That's why Singapore is the cleanest country in the world.
Happy Easter!!!

ellen said...

So tempting to feed the monkeys...have a nice day napaboaniya

poor man's nicole richie said...

i think monkeys won't hurt you if you won't hurt them/
but with or without fine i won't feed them. i'm still scared.

Morning Sniffles

Heart of Rachel said...

That's a big fine which must be effective from discouraging people to feed monkeys. I'm sure this rule is for the good of the people and the monkeys as well.

Glad you had a lovely time at the museum.

sunshinefolife said...

interesting week-end u got here!

the fine is so much that am sure even the monkeys are hungry, they will be starve coz no one would dare to fed them. bt i wonder if someone feds and the monkeys won't eat - will the person still be fined?

happy Monday!

Michele (Rocky Mtn.Girl) said...

Well, if there's that much food in the area, than I wouldn't want to risk feeding them either for 500 clams... sheesh!

Have a good week! =)

Munchkin Mommy said...

my daughter will go wild over those monkeys! :) hee hee!

have a great week! ;)

Mapped Memories
Cafe Munchkin

Joyismygoal said...

how fun I love that peek at the outdoors

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