The entire week was gray. Like I've mentioned on my Tuesday's post here. I was freaked out with matters of the paranormal. On Wednesday morning, a phone call was received saying one of my grand uncle passed away. Entire week's center of attraction was the funeral wake.

There are things left unexplained scientifically. Chinese believe that during Red(examples; weddings or births) or White(examples; deaths) matters. Certain people's luck would crash with the person holding the 'red' or 'white' matter.
In this case, it's 'White' since it's a funeral. I attended the burial yesterday. The night before the burial, I phoned my Almighty Queen to ask her check the Chinese almanac- 通書 to see which of the Chinese Zodiac 'animals' will not be in much luck on Saturday. She didn't have the almanac and told me to check with my uncle (the son of the deceased) and told me it should be stated on the paper pasted on the wall of the funeral wake.
My hopes were dashed! The funeral wake was a Christian one. NOTHING was written on which Chinese zodiac animals should 'avoid' the wake!!!! I went to the wake on behalf of my Almighty King whom was out station.

Believe it or not, I came back from the burial site really sick.
Entire body was weak to the extend that touching any part of my skin is painful, throat was unbelievably painful, swallowing my own saliva or water is a torture. Head was attacked by a severe case of migraine. Eyes swell up real bad.
I came back sat in front of my notebook and was basically typing words at a snail speed eyes straining to see the screen. I gave up and went to bed, sleeping and waking up every half hour. It was torturous.

Sometime in the evening, I went to my house alter and lite up joss-sticks for both Buddha and ancestors. I prayed for family wellness and told my ancestors to 'watch over me'. I took a short nap after that. I woke up with NO MORE PAIN in my throat.
Today I'm not even feeling the pain in my bones and my migraine is gone.
How to explain everything? I dunno.

A case of "crash" or ?!?!?!
Then how about the case of me suddenly feeling no more throat pain?

Napaboaniya APAD

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A.O said...

Woman! Got pee in your pants? hahahaha!!

Napaboaniya said...

@ A.O,

Oooeeii!!! You disappear go where lar? Your hp dropped into toilet bowl si bor? *smack.AO's.head*

Marla said...

Sorry for the loss of your uncle. I too wonder about your sickness and then getting well. I have recently heard that spirits can make people sick because they draw energy from you. I don't know if I believe that or not but it is interesting.

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