Formula 1 Grand Prix FEVER!
This year is pretty exciting for me or rather all Singaporeans. The first ever GP will be held here in Singapore in September!! On top of that, it's also gonna be the first night race in GP history!!! Singapore Grand Prix 2008. Not forgetting it's also the first street race and running anti-clockwise.

But.... what's NOT exciting about it (to me) is the price of the tickets, I want to scream!!! Grandstand Pit tickets are priced at SGD$1388(USD$928 estimate)!
Any kind soul wanna treat me? LOL!

Singapore GP can wait still. I simply can't wait for the season to start next month in Melbourne. The past few months were dreadful for me, no GP to watch + R's matter. I'm as excited as a kid with a handful of chocolates!

I think my GP fever temperature is soaring high!

Facts of Singapore GP Here.

Thanks to Yen for bestowing this award to me :)

Award from Ellen_Heartbetas

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ao said...

wa! $1388................ bor wei kong......

Marla said...

I know nothing about these sports. Terrible...I know.

Heart of Rachel said...

Wow, that's so expensive. My friend was able to watch an F1 race at Monaco. My hubby is a great F1 fan and I wish he can have a chance to watch an F1 race someday.

napaboaniya said...

"tian ling ling, di ling ling, ming tian qing ge wo zhong TOTO"!!!

not surprising, cause alot of females dun like the sport. I'm weird I guess.

yup, expensive!! When I saw the price of the tickets my eye balls almost pop out!
I hope ur hubby will get the chance to watch it Live someday too :)

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